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shelli-clarkstonShelli Clarkston attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law where she earned her Masters of Law in Taxation and Juris Doctorate. While at UMKC, Shelli received the award of Outstanding Tax Student from the Kansas City Low Income Tax Clinic. Shelli also served on the executive board of the Ellison Moot Court, served as President of one of UMKC’s student organizations, and was a staff member of one of the country’s top law journals, the Urban Lawyer.

In addition, Shelli earned a Masters of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Leadership from Doane College and a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Shelli previously worked for the Tax Institute where she advised hundreds of clients on complex state and federal tax procedures relating to all types of business entities, foreclosures, cancellation of debt, and rental properties.

Shelli has also assisted the Kansas City Low Income Tax Clinic where she worked with IRS Appeals Officers on client Tax Court cases, as well as handled many tax controversy cases dealing with levies, collections, and offers in compromise.

Prior to attending law school Shelli worked in the banking and financial industry for ten years where she worked with clients on personal financial matters, planning, and financial responsibility.

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