About MRN

Manhattan Referral Network is a group of local business professionals that meet on a weekly basis for the purpose of growing each others businesses. We do this by networking with each other, as well as passing referrals of potential clients to each other’s businesses. For example, if a member has a client that is looking for car insurance, they will refer their client to the insurance agent in the group. Referrals can take place at any time during the week, but the referrals are formally passed at our weekly meetings, in order to keep records of the group’s effectiveness. We pride ourselves on passing “quality” referrals, meaning that both the person being referred and the person receiving the referral are aware that the referral is being passed. “Cold call” referrals are discouraged.

Manhattan Referral Network is also unique in that there can only be one member allowed into the group per agency (i.e. one insurance agent, one attorney, etc.) This is so that members aren’t competing with one another for the same type of referrals.

Outside of our weekly meetings, we also try to have a few “social” events during the year, so that our members can get to know one another in a more informal environment. Manhattan Referral Network has also helped sponsor a few charity events, and try to get involved in the community as much as we can.

If you’d like to know more about Manhattan Referral Network, visit our contact page to contact our officers.